2017 A household with two teenagers will have 25 Internet connected devices.
2022 This will rise to 50. Combined, general households will have 14 billion connected devices, up from 1.7 billion today.
2027 Unknown. Statistical Error!

Information sharing will reach unknown heights.

This is where KUS Solution comes in.

  •   We understand the trend.
  •   We understand the technology.
  •   We understand the users.

KUS Solution builds connections that cater to the future. Smart networks leads to Adaptive Business Intelligence.

Excelling in building, providing, solutioning for

  •   Smart Networks,
  •   Smart Business Intelligence
  •   Smart Command and Control


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  • KUS Smart Retail Engagement

    KUS Smart Retail Engagement

  • KUS Smart Business Intelligence

    KUS Smart Business Intelligence

  • KUS Kloud-Kompass for Smart City

    KUS Kloud-Kompass for Smart City

  • KUS Smart Command & Control

    KUS Smart Command & Control


Network Optimization

KUS Solution’s pool of Network Experts with over 20 years of experience has been setting up networks of various sizes, KUS strikes the best possible balance between network performance and network costs, in consideration of grade of service (GoS) requirements. We have a knack of working around within the budgetary constraint of our customers and provide the best possible network and networking solutions within those boundaries.

Network & Server Protection

Security solution represents an investment for several years, KUS Solution offer the requisite modularity and features for keeping abreast of future changes in the information system. In a “Bring-Your-Own-Everything” world, it has become even more of a challenge keeping users in check while developing an agile corporation  that moves with the times. The only way for security to be effective is when it is seamless for both users and administrators. At KUS it’s server security made simple and cost effective.

Turnkey ICT Solution

KUS Solution offers its customers best of breed solutions in Switching, Routing and Wireless networking along with WAN Acceleration technologies with solutions from industry leaders such as KloudSpot, SOPHOS, FortiNET, Cyberom, Juniper Networks and Cisco. KUS can help its customers take control of their networks while gaining an increase in performance at a price that gives you high value for the dollars spent. Solutions provided by KUS and our strategic partnerships can help organizations provide a cost-effective, high performance investment. KUS provides advanced survey solutions in the form of availability of broadband, structured cabling etc at any proposed site.

End User Protection

KUS Solution deploys end user protection from trusted and certified global partners guaranteeing customers that the data will be kept in and malware out and that too well within the budget. KUS provided end-user-protection service shields users with antivirus protection, data encryption, and mobile control. Wherever users are, whatever they’re using, they’re protected.

Our Solutions

KUS Solution provides a wide variety of intelligent networking solutions to cater to the needs right from SOHOs, SMEs to large Enterprises. Our solutions are specifically designed to reduce not only the cost of running a network but reduce our valued customer's marketing and campaigning costs and at the same time generate revenue out of it. KUS designed and built networks gives never-before insight to our customers into their end users with detailed analytic resulting in saved resources and costs.

  • KUS Smart Command & Control

    KUS Smart Command & Control

    Smart Command & Control from KUS Solution powered by KloudSpot is designed specifically considering the cost as a major factor but without compromising the core essence a network monitoring tool. Implementing KUS Smart Command & Control is easy and extremely cost effective. Virtually no CapEx and a minimal OpEx with fast deployment. It provides multi-vendor fault, performance, and availability monitoring with simple one window overview of different monitoring interfaces. Real-time interface helps you know what’s happening with the different network interfaces, what’s happening with different servers and what kind of data is going through your network. Proactive network management made possible through different levels of automated alert resulting in minimised MTTR.

  • KUS Smart Business Intelligence

    KUS Smart Business Intelligence


    Welcome to KUS Smart Business Intelligence powered by KloudSpot – The Enterprise Grade Hyperlocal Engagement & Monitoring Platform

    Managed establishments and buildings like Hotels, Cafes, Malls, Conference venues, Banks and Government offices have a huge potential to capitalise on their existing Network Infrastructure and enable it as a Service Platform for your applications and customers.

    KUS Smart Business Intelligence Platform enables you to manage and monitor your network infrastructure over the cloud and empowers you to provide multiple services via your WiFi network. Out platform can help you to enable Advertising, Indoor Positioning, Content Delivery, eCommerce and the Internet of Things.

  • KUS Smart Retail Engagement

    KUS Smart Retail Engagement

    More Power To You!

    Shopping is entertaining for your customer – but it’s a science for Shopping Centres, Malls and Conference Venues. Target markets, foot fall, trading density and tenant mix are just some of the many factors that need to be considered when spending your limited marketing budgets. That differentiation is crucial when competing for that all-important shopper’s dollars.

    KUS Smart Retail Engagement powered by KloudSpot helps brands identify and engage their target customers by profiling potential customers by their social profiles, interests and shopping patterns, providing better ROI.

  • KUS Kloud-Kompass for Smarter Cities

    KUS Kloud-Kompass for Smarter Cities

    KUS Kloud-Kompass powered by KloudSpot is a network automation and digital communication platform for all types of geographically widespread networks with CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT, CONTENT+ECOMMERCE, LOYALTY PROGRAMS & ANALYTIC.

    Kloud-Kompass’s campaign management is designed to maximize audience targeting and improve your campaign performance. Kloud-Kompass provides tools to accomplish those goals by engaging audience around your business into store or online presence. It deliver all types of multimedia content to your customer’s mobile device – be it images, audio or video, maps. Ability to send SMSes are also integrated into the platform. Direct traffic to your existing eCommerce platforms, thus maximizing efficiencies to your campaigns. Provide custom eCommerce solutions incase you are not already online.
    Kloud-Kompass is Location and User aware! You will be automatically notified when your repeat customers are nearby. Automatically send out SMS notifications or offers to your customers based on location, proximity, product preferences or time of day. Integrate with existing loyalty partners depending on your needs. Kloud-Kompass is fully aware of just how useful analytic is for your marketing and for your business. Data coming our analytic is a legitimate way of tapping into your consumer’s mind. It provides both Usage and Marketing Analytics for measurement and optimisation of your marketing activities. Allows your business to be more efficient and streamlined as well as mainimizing your marketing costs.


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